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Project Description
An AI engine for the 2 player abstract strategy game Pentago.

  • Console based player
  • 2 AI players
    • Fixed depth - always searches to a given depth
    • Fixed time - keeps searching deeper and deeper until a given time elapses

  • ~500-600K board evaluations/sec for beginning/middle game, faster toward endgame (2.4GHz x64)

I made a Silverlight frontend over the engine which can be played at (Requires Silverlight 3 or it will just show the loading screen forever) The AI runs about half as fast in Silverlight as compared to a standalone console app, so build the code yourself for full speed. The easy player searches to depth 0, medium player to depth 2, and the hard player to the maximum depth possible in 30 seconds. It's built in Silverlight 3, so if you want to download the app and play offline, just right click on the game and click install. Eventually I'll get around to adding the Silverlight code to this project, as well.

This is my second crack at writing a Pentago AI, but the first worth posting :) The design was dramatically improved after actually reading up on chess engines and strategy game AI.
A few of the resources that proved invaluable:

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